Beta Apps

The below apps were developed during the Civic*Celerator competition and were presented at Demo Day. We are pleased to share the “Beta” versions of these apps, which continue to be developed.

Note: since the apps are under construction, use and access to these apps may vary.

Doug & KyleTitle:  HIdentify/LumiDoug

Team Leaders:  Kyle Oba and H. Doug Matsuoka

Team Members:  Jordan Ohama, Jason Axelson

Description:  Attempts to answer the question: “How does one identify all the campaign contribution attributed to a single donor (including different aliases) or group of donors (PACS or businesses)?”  The result is this online, crowd sourced solution, which allows people to create their own search and filter criteria.



Title:  PolyPolydexdex Hawaii

Team Leader:  Derek Ahn

Team Members:  Kingtak Wong, Ray Farias, Jason Piros, Tyler Boright

Description:  Attempts to answer the question:  “Which contributors influence the bills being signed into law?” It provides a graphical interface through which the public can “see” when local legislators are collecting the most money.




Title:  UDemo Dayntitled

Team Leaders:  Will Reppun & Mark Egesdal

Description:  This app focused on donations based on candidates.  The data is organized based on office, candidate, and contribution.  Within this app you are able to view the amount donated based on candidate and political party.

Link to code:​


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