New Feature–The Power Ballot

With the Primary Election just around the corner, the Precinct Maps app has a new feature called the “Power Ballot”.  Unlike a typical sample ballot, which only provides you with each candidate’s name, the Power Ballot provides you with information about each candidate and includes links to their election website, Facebook page, Twitter page, and more.

After typing in your address and finding your home on the Precinct Maps app, scroll down in the pop up screen and click on the power ballot link to utilize this great new tool.

We welcome feedback about this new feature. If you have comments, suggestions, questions, etc. email us at:

Special thank you to volunteers: Christine Trecker, Connie Clinton, Dustin Schoedel, Jeanne Ohta and Joe Heaukulani.  They all spent many hours doing the candidate research that made the Power Ballot possible. Mahalo!Power ballot screen shot 2Screen shot of the Honolulu City Council District 8 Power Ballot

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